I offer a range of services, from consultancy to off-the-shelf solutions. If you don’t see something you need but you like what you do see, why not email me and see what we build together?

Web/Dev/Ops/Infrastructure/Sysadmin Consultancy

No matter what you call it, if you need to get to grips with the technology that underpins your business or the development workflow that feeds it, I can help.

IJAWS (It’s Just A WebSite!)

For those that just need a web presence, but don’t want to maintain one: standard template, re-usable content, easy blogging. Also allows for multiple websites to be maintained through a single interface, with the ability to send a blog post to some or all of them.


A simple membership database service that allows membership organisations to keep a record of their members, take donation and subscription payments, and allow members to update their membership information. Provides a flexible database backend that allows for custom information to be collected and recorded.